WayJay Tree Service


We now can provide a new service after joining a great and long time subcontractor.  Dan Stockreef with Stockreef's tree service out of Lowell has joined the WayJay team. 

See what all we can do for you. 


limb triming.jpg

Tree Trimming

If there is just one or a ton of branches hanging around that are unwanted. We can help, no job to small, And if we think we are over our britches we are not afraid to say it.    


Ground clearing

Is there a new lot you are getting ready to build on or maybe just want to open up the tree top canopy to let in the beautiful sun, we can help. 

Stump Grinder.jpg

Stump Grinding

Here's the big one,  did you take that tree down years ago but that stump is just tripping you up, we can help.

Give us a call and it wont cost you a dime, Free quotes, Always glad to help you any way we can. 616-723-0446